I pick up my les Paul today just noodling around and switched to the treble pick up it was real low and clean I had the gain on at least seven. I reached to turn the knob up cause thought that was it but it was already turned up I rolled to know back down to 0 and the sound didn't lower or anything. The rhythm pick plays sting but the treble is doing as described help me? It's a 2013 Gibson lp standard by the way and I checked all push/knobs are off
Sounds like it is either a bad wire connection or a bad pot. Have a good technician check it out.
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I once ran into that sort of a thing and later found that i hadn't inserted the lead cable completely. It was not a les paul tho.
FIrst t hing to do is squirt some contact cleaner into the pot and work it full throw about a dozen times, then check to see if it's working again. If not you have a bad pot, or a flaky connection somewhere. I'm leaning toward bad pot. Also clean the pickup switch.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
i had a problem with the switch on an LP and after cleaning it out it worked fine.

i would check for continuity all over with a DVOM.