Hey everybody. I'm new to this & have a few questions about customizing a Danelectro 12 string.
I'm making a new pickguard so while it's apart I thought I'd try something new.
I want to remove the 3 way toggle switch and put in (3) mini switches. one for the neck, one for the bridge & one for the switch to knock them out of phase. But I want to put a LED on each of the mini switches as on/off indicators Green LEDS for the Pickups & a Red LED for the Phase switch.(and lets face it, just to look Cool! !)
I've been online searching for a few weeks now & can't find any info on this. Can someone please help?
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I'm not sure how to get around in here yet. I think I might have got it in the right place but I'm not sure. can you check it out for me? Thanks Larry!
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