HAHA! Dude, thanks for this! Was such a shock to the system but pleasant!

Are you wearing tights? If so, I approve!

It reminds me a little bit of the Sweeney Todd musical oddly. I think it's your accent / singing style. I kind of feel like you're trying to sell me a brand of dish soap or something.

Very entertaining! Not much more I can say haha.
Thanks for the feedback on my song.

I found your song really entertaining and interesting musically throughout. I found your use of the instruments and backing vocals particularly so such as the use of the tremolo in the chorus and how the backing vocals on words like "shove" or "love" appeared to differ in their delivery to express a different feeling. Also the different string instruments in the backing.

The overall mix was good and everything was well balanced. The only thing I felt was that a lot of the features appeared to happen on the right hand side and the snare appeared more dominant on that side but that didn't detract anything from the piece.

Overall, good music and engaging listen.

Ha this is pretty cool dude, it has a tense feeling about this track and also feels edgy and light at the same time I like your lead parts very much. I think my favourite part of this track is the drum beat. somehow this whole track reminds me of rocky horror! I could definitely image this being used as a backing track of a pantomime song with you stood there and everyone else joins in. don't take that as a bad thing because its not I just like how this is different from anything really its unique and cool at the same time
I have to be the asshole in the group I suppose, but all this screams for me is "weird for the sake of weird". There is a type of "artist" who revels in the attention that being strange and extreme brings, which in my book automatically declassifies them as an actual artist. They simply become showman, looking for attention. If this isn't you, then my apologies, and I suppose keep up the over-thinking how strange you can be. But if this fits you and what you stand for, then I literally can not dislike you more.

Kudos at any rate for committing yourself to whatever it is you are doing.
Thanks very much for the crit of my song. I realised when I opened this that I had watched your videos before. It is good stuff and an interesting listen. I love the general English-ness of the vocals but can see why it might put some people off. I liked the prog out section in the middle. I would have had it lead into a more straightforward jam but that's personal taste and probably not what you're going for. Honestly not much I can say about the production, it was well done. Keep up the good work!
Thanks for the critique.
OMG man I think this is the best undiscovered thing I've ever heard. I LOVE the quirks and the odd timing. I feel privileged to catch this before it hit 300 views. I really enjoy 0:40 - 0:55 and every time after that the theme reoccurs. The violin plucks starting at 1:45 were so fun. Honestly, I don't get into a serious mood with songs like this...I get more of a silly and carefree vibe. I love bands that experiment with odd timings and note progressions like Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and Idiot Flesh and I got the same vibe from this song. I've already passed it to a few friends of mine.

1:32 felt like a certain frustration I've had recently.

I think your accent suits the music, although as an American it gives it a bit more of a comical and whimsical feel than perhaps what someone would feel from your part of the world.
Hello there! Thank you for the crit on my song and sorry for the delay in getting to crit yours.

I remember your last tune very well. This one is the same style as the previous one but it doesn't quite catch my attention in the same way. It doesn't have that catchy chorus. Guitar playing is great and the song is mixed pretty well. I love your style but this one might be a little too over the top for me.

Keep doing what you do. I love the positive message all of your music delivers. If we had more people like you in this world, it would be a better place!
Alrighty then.

Video starts and I wonder what are we in for here? Music gets going and it starts to all fall in place. The video goes well with the track and it all begins to make sense as a performance.

Music wise, the kinda jazzy feel was pretty cool. The synth orchestral instruments sound a little to fake to fit well but god knows I have wrestled that beast and done a far worse job than you, so I cant really complain. The breakdown was the best bit for me. The lead bits kinda made me think of Bill and Ted - I dont know whether there is any real similarity or whether thats a quirk of my own mind. The vocals were a little too much for me, but its a personal preference thing.

Pretty unusual but largely agreeable.

Hey! Thank you very much for your kind and constructive feedback on my track.

I really enjoyed your song "Suffer Gently". I listened a few times.

I like how the song starts. It reminds me of a classical piece I heard a long time ago. It then totally changes with the Bend on the Electric Guitar and takes an unexpected turn in genre which I thought was very cool.

I especially like the 1:32 mark. I haven't really heard a song like this before. Everything sounds really tight. Instrumentally the song sounds great. Your lyrics are very good too. I've subscribed to your channel as I think you have a unique and interesting sound. I'll check out some more songs.