Can anyone recommend me an affordable, but decent quality multi guitar stand that holds 5+ guitars or basses and is available in the UK. It doesn't need to hold acoustics, but it's a nice bonus if it does.
^ yep those are typically pretty cheap
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I've had this one for about 5 or 6 years and like it really well. I looked at Sweetwater, they have a couple and ship worldwide, but didn't have this one.


Not sure what is available on your side of the pond, but if you can find this brand, it's well built and holds electrics or acoustics.
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I dunno if GFS ships to the UK, but I have one of these:

And one of these:
You can probably find that brand in the UK.
And yeah, if you have a nitro finish guitar, those can **** it up.
I got around that by wrapping some felt like material around the stand for the one guitar I have with a nitro finish.

this is what i have. i bought it when it was about $65 though IIRC.

its nice because it folds up into a case and is really friendly to travel with.

you will find some reviews that it doesn't look stable, but its because there are two braces that are hard to find if you aren't looking. it is nice and stable and nice and plush. but $130 isn't worth it though.
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the rockstand ones frank mentioned are pretty decent and not too dear. not sure about acoustics, though, it might be a tightish fit, if they even fit at all.
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The one I linked from GFS looks kinda flimsy but its actually held pretty well and seen some abuse.
Folds up into a case with enough room for extra cords and stuff.
Could look at the Hercules stands. They are adjustable, so can handle a mix of electric & acoustic.
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