I Love That Singer- Songwriter John Mcandrew Reminds Me Of Paul Simon And Elton John

I love that singer-songwriter John McAndrew reminds me so much of Elton John and Paul Simon. I’ve always loved that heartwarming and soul gripping sound that both of those artists perfected, and I’m so excited that I found a new and current artist that is making music just like that! McAndrew sings of love and forgiveness on his latest album Forgiven. Between his outstanding piano skills and knack for exceptional story driven lyrics, this is an artist you can’t overlook. You can get a taste of his album on iTunes at: bit.ly/iTunes-Forgiven.

You can listen to John McAndrew on WBA Records at: wbarecords.net/artists/john-mcandrew. He also has a Facebook at: bit.ly/JMA-Facebook and a website JohnMcAndrew.com too. You won’t be disappointed!
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