The shawbucker stats have a single shaft dual pot. One part is 250k to go with the single coils and the other part is 500k to go with the humbucker.

I've found plenty of split shaft concentric pots that would work, but I don't want to have a tall volume pot in that spot.

Is it possible that this is a unique Fender part? I've had my eyes open for a loaded pick-guard but they're expensive and they're rare still.
"Stacked" almost always refers to a concentric setup, which is why you're not finding what you're looking for. What you want is a "dual ganged" pot. Stacked = 2 independent pots in one footprint, dual ganged = two traces on one shaft.

You'll probably need to add a resistor to get 500K on one half. I haven't ever seen a dual-gang pot with different values. That specific part is probably something Fender commissioned.

edit: actually, there's no need for a dual-ganged pot at all. Use a 500K and use an extra 470K resistor for the single coils.

here's the Suhr diagram for it:
That explains a part of the problem. Thank you. I was indeed stuck on concentric.
If I'm patient then I will eventually be able to get the fender pot. I'll just have to wait until I can get a loaded pick-guard in the configuration that I wanted. There's one on eBay now but it has the noiseless pickups. I wanted the fat 50s.

I just saw your edit. I don't know how to read the switch part of the diagram. Are the numbers equivalent to the switch positions?
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Looks like they are. Bridge pickup is hooked to position 1 and 2, neck is on 4 and 5. That means it's probably the switch position numbers, corresponds anyway.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
It's just the way they label the lugs on the super switch, you see them on Ibanez and Jackson type guitars a lot, it gives you a lot more flexibility with coil splitting without adding a switch. You don't need that switch to do the 250/500K setup, but they are nice to have.

I'd do the suhr wiring and avoid paying the upcharge for loaded pickguards. Used fat 50s are pretty cheap, too. You'd save a lot of money by getting the parts separately and not using the dual-ganged pot.
I do loaded pickguards all the time so email me any questions. Oddly enough I'm not a strat player but electronics fascinate me in guitars. My random name for something to one up the jimmy page wiring is called "God mode" I might call it.

on a super 5 way switch it's simple

0 is the outer 4 contacts - they are common
1 = bottom position like on a strat
5 = top position like the neck on a strat

so its like
the 0's are commons that activate a pole (1/4th of the switch a 012345 portion in other words).

resistance is crucial though 250k for a humbucker and 500 is a big difference. I would suggest concentric pots to get the tones that the guys who made the pickup suggested. Push pulls or DPDT switches (mini toggles). But now resistance for tone pots is sensitivity. 10 is still 10 , 0 is still 0. When I wire up EMG harnesses I use 0.047uf capacitors and 500k tone pots so it doesn't feel like an on off switch.

you can turn a volume down to 50% and get 250k on a linear pot (B250k lets say) and get the warmth of 250k though or use resistors to modify the guitars tone. But this is tedious. But if you cannot get linear pots in the future either 50s inspired les paul wiring how they do the tone or the Kinman treble bleed are two very cheap and excellent options.

noiseless pickups though there is a ton. Anything 4 wire by Dimarzio , Fender or Seymour Duncan will suffice. Even ebay has a noiseless pickup for about 6$ each with free shipping based off of the dimarizo chopper or a certain seymour duncan if we're just going by resistance. I've got a small box of them left
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Is there any reason to avoid the Fender S1 switch? Just the switch. Not the circuit.

I don't like push/pull pots much. I think I would like having a single button that changes a few of the tone controls and/or pickup configurations.

I'm researching a lot of different options and now I'm trying to learn about bass cut circuits like G&L's PTB tone control. The Suhr-style circuit works great to solve the volume control problem and I already know which S-1 switch I could get. That would give me four switches. I could do lots of stuff with that. Many possibilities.

I wasn't interested in the S1 switch at first, but I didn't realize that they had a Tele version. The telecaster knob looks a hell of a lot nicer than the strat knob. I could deal with that one.
The switch is rather expensive, but it's unobtrusive and it does the job. If you don't mind spending a few extra dollars in exchange for not having to drill for a mini-switch, the S1 is a good option.
The S1 switch it's up to you. I like the idea and it's one of the cooler things Fender has done the last little while. The super 5 way switches are more versatile I'd like to imagine as you get 5 distinct tones. So thinking very long term a super 5 way switch is my pick.

the G&L Tone circuit you mentioned I'm a fan of. Joe Gore (tonefiend on youtube) was my inspiration last year for trying it out. The greasebucket mod by fender I cannot see myself without if the pickups are high gain enough like on my BC Rich Warlock. other options are the wah potentiometer mod which is active or a torres mid scoop which I did a blog about.

This is a strat wiring I put on a lot of guitars you may find useful. It features a 7 way mod and the greasebucket is your 2nd tone knob. One guy on a google search did the greasebucket in a different way if it's for les pauls or something other than fenders.

Does this circuit look right?

I know that it's a little less ambitious than I was talking about. I just want to get a baseline configuration first.
It should work as follows:
Bass rolloff affects all pickup configurations all the time.
Master Tone control affects all pickup configurations except the neck by itself.
Normal HSS switching with the humbucker being split in position 2.
The Suhr method of "tweaking" the resistance of the volume pot. (So that you can have 250k with the single coils, but 500k for the humbucker when it is by itself)

I was thinking I'd experiment with the tone pot jumpers. if I use this configuration then I should be able to pick which positions are affected.
For example if I jumper across all 5 positions then it would be a true master tone control, but if I only connect one position then it should only affect that position. Am I correct in thinking this way?