These are all songs that I one day want to learn, but it would be very nice to know which one I should shoot for first. I know some of these are kinda difficult so I would rather not spend hours on each one just to find one that I can master. So I would greatly appreciate it of you guys could rate these from easiest to hardest. Thanks.

Battery- Metallica ( I can play a bit of the main riff, just none of the variations)
Blackened- Metallica
Fight Fire With Fire- Metallica
Dyers Eve- Metallica
Spirit Crusher- Death
Crystal Mountain- Death (would appreciate if someone could tell me how tough the solo is as well, would love to learn it one day)

Raining Blood- Slayer

Thanks again.
Those Death songs have less tiring rhythm playing, but they have more leads, luckily they're not so fast. I'd say those are easier, but if you want to go crazy and you can move your hand real fast, go for Fight Fire with Fire.

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If you want the "easiest" of the metallica songs then go for Battery. It's rhytmically not really a challenge for a more experienced guitar player. Fight Fire with Fire just requires a very fast right hand. Blackened requires more coordination between palm muting and the end of each 4 bars. Dyers Eve was imho. the hardest one to learn, but this one has easy verses and chorusses.
Blackened is the easiest of the four I think, depending on how accurately you want to learn the solos (Battery and Fight Fire with Fire have fast picking in the solos). Dyer's Eve is definitely the hardest.
From easiest to most difficult
Fight Fire With Fire
Dyer's Eve
Raining Blood
I don't know about Death, I don't like them

Thank you other responders who don't make Metallica's songs out to be more than they are
I'm sick of everyone acting like Metallica's songs are difficult. All of their solos take about 10-20 minutes to learn. I'm not kidding, the rhythms are insanely easy too. Practice some Megadeth
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I'm not sure about the Death songs, but the Metallica songs and Raining Blood I can help with.

The difficulty of each one really depends on your playing strengths. For example some can play lead well, but can not hold the rhythm down when not playing lead.

But in terms of difficulty alone, not considering skill level, I'd have to say from hardest to least difficult:
1) Dyer's Eve- All the odd time/beat shifts and super precise picking hand techniques mixed with palm muting, string muting, and precise fretting hand technique/control make this the hardest one to learn correctly.
2) Battery- Again, the picking hand technique and the verse variations of the opening riff make it difficult
3) Raining Blood- The insane part after the opening riff (the one after the iconic intro) requires both a strong picking hand (though not as precise as Metallica), and precision with fretting hand
4) Fight Fire With Fire- Here you need picking hand technique/endurance, but that two-guitar part after Kirk's solo is no easy task.
5) Blackened- Yes the palm muting and muting of the A string during the opening riff can be tricky for intermediate players, and the end piece of that opening riff is something you would hardly notice unless being shown how to play it (I had the official ...AJFA tab book, and even it did not have the last few notes of the opening riff that are can be tricky). But overall I would have to say out of THOSE Metallica songs, this is by far the easiest.

Again, I tried making this with an objective point of view, as all of these are pretty easy to me, but I thought back to when I was first learning them, and I believe that order is the one in which I learned them.
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I definitely have a fast enough picking hand for Fight Fire With Fire, I'm just having a lot of trouble playing the main riff cleanly and up to speed. I keep playing more or less open notes than are in the song. Are they playing triplets? Oh, and thanks for all the replies everybody.