I definitely wouldn't call this blues. Put a little more heart and soul into your performances, don't just rip on your guitar. You will get more people giving you solid feedback if they can see you are really putting yourself into your compositions
Come on man ..the tired old "shredder's got no soul" argument....really?

The first half is just a pretty conventional mid-paced blues-rock jam (certainly did'nt rip through it at all) & the second half is a similar progression played fast & tapped.... just demo'ing my pretty weird/unorthodox tapping technique here ..& how it can be applied to stuff.

It's totally intuitive/feel based and has more in common with finger or hybrid picking (except it's tapped on the fretboard) than the usual over-practiced multi-finger arpeggio-tapping sequences/shapes that most shredders use.

also, being improvised, it's not a 'composition' at all. Just pure heart & soul
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I was never trying to argue that shredding can't have any feeling to it, I was merely commenting on YOUR performance. Just because you improvised your way through a piece doesn't mean it automatically qualifies itself as being something exceptional. Learn to take a critique man, you will be better off as an artist for it. If you can't admit to yourself when you aren't doing all that well, then I suppose it is safe to assume you won't be getting much better anytime soon.
lol, when did I say it was exceptional?!?

I said it was unorthodox & weird..ie ..different (..but feel free to point point me to any examples of players that do the same sort of thing ..we're all human & I could be wrong )

I also said it was an intuition based style/was improvised/had feel galore... but then I played it, so what do I know

It may not appeal to you/not be your thing or w/e...fine.. feel free to say so ..but to unilaterally declare it has "no feel" ..just makes that your personal opinion against mine which I'm really under no obligation to accept
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