I was genuinely sad to see that my beginner lesson thread was closed down.
there are so few threads in this drums section and mine had positive responses but the door was slammed shut for no real reason that makes any sense.

I was hoping this forum would be one where experienced players could share their lessons freely with others and help beginners grow. how better to do this than through youtube?

I wonder if this thread will be slammed shut?

hopefully before it is, a moderator can explain why youtube links are forbidden? why one cannot make a thread to share - I'm not selling anything. Just wanting to make the resource available. I'm putting hours of work into making one hundred free beginner drum lessons. If anyone is interested they can search Jason horsler drum lessons on youtube.

perhaps UGF should review its moratorium on youtube links.
Sadly this site is not for drummers as such anyway.

Even I don't get much drum value here and I go else where for drum related stuff.
There is no "moratorium on youtube links," you just can't make a thread to advertise your channel, or else that'd be the entire drum forum, as well as most of the rest of the website. Sorry, but you're not special, and if somebody wants to find drum lessons, they will, there's thousands of them out there. And yes, this thread will be closed because you only made it to bitch about the mods.
You have to remember that the community will support those that support UG. You're a brand-new member. We often have people trying to advertise their expertise or services with the preface that it is all 'free' or 'for the community', but it's really a selfish way to advertise your work. We're not saying this is an example of that. However, we are saying that consistency is the only way to remain fair.

Youtube links are allowed, but not ones directly linking to your account and your videos. If you had already displayed commitment to the community then it may have been allowed. But because you were a brand-new member, it was taken at face value. This is not meant as an affront to you or your abilities. It is simply the way many communities such as this function. And this is clearly outlined in the rules.

If you want to help drumming community, use UG as a platform, but not by bypassing the rules, terms and conditions or the way this website's members do things.