Hey guys I'm just wondering what is your opinion on the Epiphone Thunderbird IV Pro as I bought it recently and I've had mixed reactions from my friends I wonder what the people of the GREAT AND POWERFUL internet think

It doesn't matter what we think, as long as you dig the instrument. I will say the word "THUNDERBIRD" will bring up mixed reactions here as well.
Several reasons. Some of us feel the following, but again, if you like it, then that's what matters..

1. Neck dive. These suckers neck dive worse than any Gibson I've played.
2. Muddy sound. Some of us feel the pickup configuration is a bit too muddy for our tastes
3. Poor upper fret access.
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I will say the word "THUNDERBIRD" will bring up mixed reactions here as well.

Unless it is one of Mike Lull's Thunderbird-inspired masterpieces:

The Epiphone T-Bird's neck dive can be largely cured by installing a second rear strap button a few inches below the first one.

I was never a big fan of the T-Bird overall; I think it is definitely Gibson's most successful bass design, and the Epiphone version that I played seemed solid enough. Gibson (and Epiphone) just never put enough R&D into the T-Bird - or into any other bass they made - to turn it into a first-rate instrument. They left that to the high-end makers like Mike Lull. But a lot of people like them and play them. If you like it, then that is all that matters.
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Why will it bring up mixed reactions?

And your quote is confusing by the way

Because a large amount of people feel a certain way about one particular model of Thunderbird so by association all of them are bad.

EDIT: Is it the Classic Pro or the regular pro you're asking about? I dig the thinking behind the Classic, really want to play one.
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I have a Thunderbird myself, not an Epiphone though, but I think the're fantastic basses with an awesome sound.

Much misunderstood and maligned instrument. Fantastic sound and quality for the price (Chinese made but very solid considering) but ignored because it needs a few modifications. Moving the strap button just needs a screwdriver thanks to it being bolt on but replacing the utterly shit 3-point bridge can be a little expensive.
If you like the look and sound, great.

It's a bass that never made much sense to me in terms of playability or sound quality. It's unlikely that I will ever own one.