Hello boys and girls. I have two new tracks on my soundcloud page and it would be just grand if you could be kind enough to give them a spin and tell me, in a gentle and reassuring tone, what you think of them. Not the best recording quality (I make the best of what I have) but not unbearably bad either. One is called 'Holt 45' because to me it sounds a bit later Exodus-y, and the other is called 'BHDB' which stands for 'Big Hairy Donkey Balls' for tedious in-joke reasons I shall abstain from boring you with.



Listening to BHDB right now, very lamb of god! I like!

I love how you name your songs, reminds me of some of my working titles I have used:
Wankery, Lord of the **** rings, my pen is pregnant, etc haha.