Hey guitar community,

I am in an earnest search for the effect(s) that Trey Anastasio from Phish uses during the spacey vibe part of You Enjoy Myself (right after the fast interval mash-up). It sounds like he has some sort of pedal(s) that holds a tone in a mass-reverb sort of effect and wondering how can i get my hands on something similar. I am interested in playing around with ambient effects and wondering which pedal to incorporate in order to achieve this sort of 'freedom' to express various colors during lead lines over an ambient chord(s).

Any help in the right direction would be great

Just try experimenting with reverb and other effects pedals until you get your sound
I'm a big Phish fan so I know the sounds/effect you are talking about...Sadly, I'm not sure how to get that exact sound. I'm sure its some sort of Reverb with probably something else. As already stated you'll most likely have to just experiment with some sounds.
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