This song feels wildy inspired by Opeth and Porcupine Tree. It's not very long, about 4 minutes. How does it flow? How is it bringing back the first part but distorted? Is it repetetive and/or dragging on? Any part that's boring?

bleak trains.zip
Awesome, progression at 49 is nice. Overall a nice interesting track, but why on earth didn't you break down that riff at bar 87. That's criminal.
Pretty cool track, coming from a fan of Opeth and Porcupine Tree, I can certainly hear the inspirations

The intro reminds me a bit of The Drapery Falls actually and the Rhodes give it that dreamy touch. The transitions are really well done. Really like the heavy chug and the parts that follow. Would be cool to hear this one with vocal melodies (unless you plan it as an instrumental)

Good stuff.
Enjoyed that quite a bit. Interesting chord sequences, really nice lead melodies, and all the layers kept things from getting boring.

It was all flowing well until the distortion kicked in. At least for me it was. In fact the distortion was fine but the second chord in bar 78 didn't sit well with me.

It might be that I've gotten bored of the dissonant chugging kinda stuff, but maybe I would've liked that stuff better with a more interesting rhythm.

The transition into c distorted worked great though. I feel like something else could've happened at the end instead of a fade out. Wouldn't necessarily need to write a whole new section but I think you could've done more with that outro for a more definitive finish.

Just picking out the bits I personally didn't like, but it's a strong piece overall.