Some really nice riffing! And, as said, super tight!
(if anything, it would be interesting to hear it with bass lines a bit more independent from the guitar riffs)
Good work though!
Straight away I dug the drum sound. These are live drums, yeah? Awesome groove with the first riff, I would've liked to have heard a lead line or something after the 1st repeat, but tonally the piece sounds awesome so far! What style vocals do you have going over this song? Would love to hear it with vox. In my opinion the little drum build up that happens after the hits sound a bit empty but if you had vocals over it it might change my opinion on it. It seems to be fairly repetitive, but then again with vocals it might sound completely different.

Overall I'm very impressed with the recording! It sounds great Keep up the good work!

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Hey , just listened to your clip a few times and on all times i imagined several different solo outcomes , totally wanna play over it sometime , simple and tight. Don't really have any negative opinions

if you want you can check out my new album out , it's 10 songs so just pick one song to listen to and let me know your C .