I am performing an ACOUSTIC soon, need help with my list, I don t sing, badly need new INSTRUMENTALS suggestions, tracks not too hard to play, and here s what I chose so far:
- Game of thrones, Silent Hill, Max payne & The Godfather themes...
-Megadeth s shewolf & Silent Scorn
-Opeth s Closure & ending credits & Requiem..
-Sketches of Spain
-Ventures walk don t run

please help me with more suggestion, thanks in advance
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Yeah It would be nice, solo would be a big deal with the acoustic, but I am trying , thank you.
I can't think of much, and those I am familiar with are mostly classic rock.

Classical Gas - tough song though. Really tough...

Penny For Your Thoughts - Peter Frampton done in open G

Intro to Crazy On You by Heart

Can't think of much else. Most of the instrumentals I know of are electric. Can't even think of many of those right now, for some reason I'm drawing a blank...
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There are quite some Guitar Boogies out there, I personally like the one of Chuck Berry a lot (originally on electric guitar, but can be played easily on acoustic).

Other nice pieces:
Downtown Stomp by Pat Donohue
The Fisherman by Simon Fox
Canon by Trace Bundy