My current band requires me to have a lot of stage presence (jumping and running around like an idiot), so i am very limited to what i can do because i hate being attached to a cable. I play a Gibson Explorer with original pickups through a Marshall JVM410HJS, and the only thing in front of the amp is a Maxon OD808. I love my tone so i dont want anything that will take away from it. I also play a lot of shows so i need a wireless unit that will be reliable all the time. I'm new to all this so let please give me some good info.
I can only comment on the Line 6 G50 but it is a nice unit for me , it's reliable , goes way further than the 50 feet it says it goes ...... The only thing I do is install a fresh set of batteries before a show and have never had any stage problems at all .... my ears can't really tell the difference between cable or my wireless sound wise
Don't some wireless units also have a switch to emulate a cable?

And on the subject of wireless units, you can cheap out on other parts of your rig (Bad Monkey instead of some $200 OD for instance), but do not take the cheap route on your wireless unit. EVER.
That said, while I don't have wireless, I have heard that the Line 6 wireless units are pretty good.

I'd love to get a wireless unit AND wireless headphones.
I do have some wireless headphones, but they were only like $10 and suck ass.
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honestly I would even say stretch it to the g90. It's a rack unit, so you can grab a small rack case. I keep mine under my amp, my amp is in a hard shell case with big sturdy casters. It used to be in our mixing rack, but there was a huge grounding problem with the input on our snake, which was very annoying.

Also, as a heads up, not all floor/shelf units have the most recent update, which according to line six you need to mail your unit in or find someone with the update stick/usb? Really unfortunate.

While the smaller units can go on your board, I find that the larger unit was the most reliable. I've gone through a few and so has my friend. Get the warranty!
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