I am pretty inept when it comes to amps, so I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have recently brought a Blues Deluxe which I really like but it is so load, to the extent anything past 1.5 on the clean channel makes everything in the room rumble and is louder than I want for practice. This is mostly down (I think) to the after market power tubes the previous owner put in which are even louder than the stock tubes. So I was thinking about putting a pair of Yellow Jackets YJS so I can use the amp at home as well as at rehearsal and performance. I wanted to know if anyone new anything about them, weather the sound good, quieten the amp and general opinions? Also on their website there is the option for a standard version or triode version, what is the difference.
Thanks in advance.
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So you want to clip your amps balls huh?
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Those aren't going to make it that much quieter.
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So you want to clip your amps balls huh?

Yeah, he wants to geld the pony... Sorry.

I'm not impressed with them. I think they're overpriced for what you get. It's money that's better spent elsewhere.
Those won't make much difference in volume level, they will give you the tone of EL84 tubes, versus the 6L6 it currently should have.

Different tubes probably won't make a difference in volume level, a 40 watt amp will ne about the same as my 45 watt super Reverb, loud. I can use it onstage with a loud drummer with no problems at all.

Not much you can do about the volume level, I play my Super Reverb at around 3 to practice at home, I have to make sure nobody else is around though...

My practice amp is a Fender Champ, 6 watts, it still gets plenty loud for practice at home, same thing, make sure nobody else is around. I normally play it around 5 or 6. In the typical apartment, the neighbors would be pounding on the walls...I'm glad I live out in the boonies with 50 yards between me and the neighbors...

Your best option would be to keep an eye on pawn shops and craigslist and get a small practice amp. The Fender Champ is my all time favorite, great amp. Some of the Peavey solid state practice amps do fairly well, the trans tube line is probably the best sounding I've heard for low wattage bedroom practice amps. I can't stand modeling amps...some people like them. Your choice...
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Change out the volume pots for logarithmic pots, that'll make the sweep of the volume dial much more usable. You can also run a volume box in the fx loop as well, makes dialing in the volume much easier on those amps.
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