So I have a Morley Mini Volume Pedal. It's fine for what it is, but (and I should have done more research before buying instead of just assuming all VPs were equal) it does not create nice, even swells. Rather, the volume only starts to swell towards the end of the rock(ing motion of my foot - don't know the proper verb for that). My guitar tech buddy says I need a linear pot for the pedal instead of what I have.

I just need a link to a quality linear pot. I don't really care about recommendations or which pot is better. Ultimately I just want a VP that swells evenly from the start of me pushing on the pedal to the end. What pot will help me do that?

Just posting links to where I can buy the one you recommend will suffice, unless there really is that much room for debate...


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The Morley doesn't have a volume pot. It works on a light bulb, or if a newer model, a LED.

They can be adjusted, Morley has instructions posted on their website.


That should be what you want, if not check their website.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...