Would make for a fun song if taken to its completion, for sure. As far as riffs go, simple but effective.

However for a competition centered around riff-making (which is what I assume this whole beards and riffs thing is?) - perhaps a little too simple.
Thanks guys!

@ mp8andrade

Finally managed to actually give you feedback as well! Sorry it took so long.

@ monwobobbo

Thanks buddy <3

@ iaresanchez

I definitely see what you are saying, in fact I had actually written this riff prior to using it for the competition but thought it might fit well so I used it for the competition. After the competition is over, I'll likely be taking this to an original recording. I might even use a different riff for it.
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If you want, I can mix/master your tracks for free just so I can practice and who knows, maybe you'll love what you hear! Hit me up.
Well I can't wait to hear that song. Get to writing and recording so you can post it up here! I'll be on the lookout for your next finished OR composition.