I don't really like to bump but it's been a while and had no crits yet
Reminds me a lot of Between the Buried and Me. I think everything transitions well, but I wish the bass were a little more prominent in the mix. The bass line works really well with the music it's accompanying. Also enjoying the drums and keys in there. There are some good grooves in there. Are there going to be vocals? This seems like a piece where vocals will really shine.

Since you have GP6, would you mind doing a C4C for one of mine? This one's a WIP: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1673679

The most up-to-date file is near the bottom.
I find the tab pretty cool and interesting, and I like how you use contrasting movements at some points where the guitar chords move downwards while the keyboards moves upwards. The only thing I really miss is the bass in the mix, as it is more "felt" in it's presence, and not so prominent. You can't really HEAR it. If you just increase the dynamics in the bass up one degree, it might be enough.