I am a KISS fan and I LOVE the tone from the song Within off of Psycho Circus. I want to achieve that tone. I have a 5150 iii evh through a 1960 Marshall lead 4x12 cab, and I use a Gibson les Paul standard. Can anyone help me out. Thanks
I'm a big Kiss fan, too. You have a really good setup, so you should be able to achieve whatever tone you want. Since I don't know for sure how the tone of your amp matches up with your guitar, I can't give you exact settings, but if you set everything to 5, you can go from there. I never put my gain any higher than 8, but I would probably start at 7. If you feel like you need more, go ahead and set it to 8. If you don't think that is enough, kick it back, and work in an overdrive pedal. As far as your EQ, put everything straight up, and make adjustments. If you need more lows, than give it lows, if it's too much, kick them back. Never set your mids all the way down. That is a tone killer. If you were only playing on low strings, it could work, but if you're playing Kiss songs, you're going to want the clarity you get from having a fair amount of mids. Scooping the mids will make your amp sound like there is a pillow over the speakers. Other than that, you just have to use your ear. Many guitarists layer their guitar tracks to make them sound huge, so don't be disheartened if you can't get the exact tone.