Hey guys here's a part of the new song i'm working on, it's only the solo part. After this i'm thinking of evolving the song more. I tried to change the modes a bit and ending it with a lydian lick. feel free to leave a link if you want my comments on yours

Video link
I think it was a solid solo. I spied some problems in the crazy tapping lick at the start, but I'm sure that's just a matter of practice. The melodic parts are cool, nothing too mindblowing, but as this was a more shreddy solo I think that the slower licks we're great for balancing it out. I also really liked the ending of the solo, in my opinion it's the best part. And not in the sarcastic "the best part was when it ended" way. The biggest flaw was that the descending and ascending runs on the highest strings we're very basic, I think you could have a great opportunity to include better phrasing in those parts.
I think a lot of the runs are okay for the most part. Certainly could be more technically dazzling or a better showcase of your abilities, but then everything we do in music could "be better". I think the solo itself is good enough to be recorded, but the guitar tone you used sucks some of the life out of the solo itself.
Just listened to it again, to make sure I wasn't being overly critical (as I have a tendency to do so). The solo is actually phenomenal, but there really is something about the tone that undermines the performance. I can't quite decide if the guitar intonation is slightly off or if it is just the guitar tone itself, but something draws away from what is otherwise a fantastic solo.

P.S. I saw your Obscura solo cover, which is fantastic. But that "tone suck" I am noticing exists on there as well, if that is valuable feedback at all? Not sure. You interest me though, because you are clearly a very talented guitarist.
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