impressive playing. your video suffered from less than great camera angle as you couldn't see half of what you were doing. while i though your playing was impressive it did get rather repetitious in spots. honestly certain parts would have sounded better and more epic if slowed down some.

nothig new from me but if you want to hear me play link in profile
Thanks for giving it a listen & for the kind words..

Yeah....I see what your saying, but it is what it is. I just jammed/improv'd it and that's the way it turned out. There are some slower bits in there but maybe a few more might've been better..

I checked your stuff out it's pretty groovy. I like the slightly ominous/laid back sort of vibe you have going on in most of your tunes. Lead tone could perhaps be a bit too trebly/thin for my tastes but I can see a lot of folk not caring so ..just my two bits ...rock on man!