Hi folks, how are you? I'm sorry for bothering you again but it's always good to hear your advices.

So, I have an eletro-accustic guitar and i want to add a small amount of distortion. At first i thought about a distortion pedal but that's not what i really want. I want this distortion to be smooth and i don't want a lot of it, i just want a very very very small amount of distortion.

I did some research and i found this video on youtube. That fender bassman overdrive pedal that he uses at 2:53 is exactly what i'm looking for. The problem is that i can't find that particular pedal on the market so i started looking for some alternatives (that do the same effect), and i found lots of options (there are tones of overdrive pedals), i just don't which one will do the same effect as the bassman pedal.

I also found this very interesting pedal FAB Overdrive D2. I mean it is really cheap (which is nice)... What do you think?

What kind of guitar and amp are you using, and what is your budget?
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Generally distortion and acoustics don't go together. I've never personally used an acoustic guitar and distortion together with success. I'd suggest going to your local guitar store and see what works with your guitar and amp (if anything) and go from there. I don't know what will work well, but you'll want to set the drive and gain/distortion on the pedals you try very low to prevent the inevitable feedback.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Oh by the way, a friend suggested me the Boss Blues Driver pedal. What do you think? should i give it a try?
What do you want to achieve?
Get yourself an electric guitar and a proper amp and then start thinking about pedals.
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well, did u watch the video that i posted? That is what i expect to achieve as i explained before...
He says right away that he runs the humbucker in his guitar through the OD, not the mic. If you're using the piezo pickup (or whatever) in your electro-acoustic you're not going to get a good sound with an OD pedal. Thats just how it works.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
What humbucker do you think i should get for my guitar?
An overdrive pedal on an accustic guitar will cause some feedback. Will that feedback be reduced with an anti feedback filter?
From my experience: Overdrives and other light clipping sources can be used with acoustic guitars to a very neat effect. Generally, the distortion sounds very airy, woody, and generally very natural. I quite like it, and Jon Gomm uses his OD very well. Heavier distortions, imo, usually sound bad and some of the natural acoustics are lost in the clipping timbre.

You should be able to use the built-in pickup on an acoustic to send the signal to an OD box. Granted that the on-board pickup is not absolute garbage. You will have to set the volume on the box to unity, and turn the clipping parameter up to the desired saturation. After saturation, cut the volume back to unity if needed.

With a Klone or Tubescreamer OD, you shouldn't get much feedback as long as you keep the pedal's volume parameter low. You don't need to drive the amp at all, you just need the clipping source. I recently used an EHX Soul Food (Klone) in the same manner (volume at unity, just saturation added) and it worked well.
and do you think i should get a humbucker too? or will the pedal work with the built in pickup of my guitar?
You probably just have to screw around with it and try out different ods til you find one that works for you. Maybe try diming all the controls on the guitar and the gain on the amp, if there is any. The Blues Driver may work well. When I use an electric acoustic I use an Alesis Quadraverb mfx unit, it sounds great, is dirt cheap and does everything but dirt, though you could probably mangle the signal enough that it might sound oddly distorted (actually, I think I'm gonna try that when I get home). They sell for ~$65, it'll really spice up your tones.

You can't put a humbucker in an acoustic. Well...technically I guess you can but the outcome probably wouldn't be too desirable. I could be wrong though.

Edit: actually I agree with Will, the soul Food may be the best starting point.
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