I bought a second hand Blues Deluxe, which is great but so loud. Compared to my friends Hot Rod Deluxe mine is so much louder and to my knowledge they are should be similar. The previous owner had put new tubes in the amp which i believe have made it louder. For an idea of how loud it is I can play comfortably with a drummer at <2 and practice <1.
My question is do the volume of these amps vary a lot or is it the tubes? and how could I quieten the amp? Should I swap out the tubes for 6v6s or by an attenuator?
Thanks in advance
What speaker do you have? That makes a difference as well.
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If your friend's HRD is a newer version then it has logarithmic volume pots compared to the linear pots in your amp which will explain the difference in volume in similar settings with your amps.

Also, it isn't that loud, its just that with linear volume pots your amp at 2 or 3 is basically at max volume and turning it up louder will just increase distortion and not increase volume much.
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