So it's pretty simple. I want to record some guitar stuff. Nothing crazy. Just looking for suggestions on a simple/cheap setup that's easy to use for somebody who doesn't have much experience in recording. I've recorded in the past but I've never done it myself. It doesn't need to be amazing quality sound. Also would like suggestions on something I could build on as well. Thanks ahead of time!
The Introduction to Recording sticky has everything you need to know to get started in it.
A Micro BR 80 can do quite a bit and you can get it for 250$. I use it for all my recording now and it works. Take a look at the link in my sig all done with that. I use it for amp sims recording and drum machine. It is not the most user friendly because of its small size it has a lot of nested menus and the like but it does what it does pretty good and for 250 can't complain.
depending what your going to do with your recordings but if you don't want something too expensive that does a pretty good job have a look at the Zoom Q2 HD its £80. Or go for a line 6 ux1, you get a free light version of a DAW.. maybe ableton lite 9 or Reason 7 I got reason when I got mine and it does what I need, and more than that!