Hey guys, some of you may know me from the original recording and cover song sections of the forum but I am looking for additional musicians for my side project From Ear to Ear. Most of the songs I've done under that moniker are more along the lines of industrial metal, but melodic death metal is my favorite genre and I would like to do some melodeath styled songs. I don't really play guitar that often anymore, but when I do I am primarily a groove-oriented guitarist and I just have the damnedest time trying to write melodic death metal riffs.

I do the bulk of production (drums, synth, etc), vocals, and mixing/mastering. I primarily would like to find a guitar player that loves melodeath and wants to do that and also mix and match some various styles for some interesting genre-bending songs. However, I am also pretty open to collaborating with others on just about anything.

A bass player would also be nice but I can fill on that as needed. I recently spent a lot of money on new studio equipment, so I want to make this project as high quality as possible and release some albums. If you can at least record a clean dry guitar track I can reamp and get good guitar tones but if you can record great amp sounds that's fine as well.

I must emphasis the quality aspect of this, because I'm looking to put an album together and try to market it, obviously anyone that collaborates on an album will receive recognition and royalties should it end up selling.

For more information you can reply to this message or PM me and hopefully we can make some great tunes.


https://soundcloud.com/fromeartoear/your-fate - Here's the first song I did for the band. Pretty standard industrial kinda stuff.

https://soundcloud.com/coreyculler/war-eternal - An Arch Enemy cover I did

https://soundcloud.com/coreyculler/sweetly-dreaming - A collab I did with Dayviewer featuring myself on vocals.
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