Hey I was just wondering if it's ok to leave tube amps in a basement. My band practices in one of my bandmate's basements. It's got cement floors and cement block walls. As you can imagine, the sound down there is horrendous haha. There's two guitarists (me being one of them..) and we usually leave our amps in the basement. We practice twice a week and I usually bring mine home but it's there now and I'm scared the environment will damage it haha. There's a wood burning stove down there but no dehumidifier or anything. I have a Fender hot rod deluxe III, and the other guitarist has a Fender musicmaster bassman. Let me know if we should keep our amps out of the basement when we're not practicing or if i'm just being ocd haha! Thanks

Unless it floods with water you should have no issues
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Basements can be moisture traps. I grew up with them, and learned quickly not to leave anything expensive down there. They easily flood, and even when they don't, you'll find that things often rust very quickly down there. BTW, if you can find those big thick packing blankets cheap and hang them all over the place (and put a bunch of old area rugs on the floor), you'll cut back on the ear-shattering reflected sound a bit. We even put up vertical 4x7 baffles here and there from the floor joists to break things up.
Carpet and carpet padding will help baffle the sound too. I think the only problem I would worry about would be the humidity making things rust. Other than that nothing about leaving them in the basement would be a problem, unless it floods...Not sure how prone the Fenders are to rust, my 74 Champ and 73 Super Reverb are both still in excellent shape but neither has ever been left in a damp basement. If you can do something to reduce the high humidity it probably wouldn't do any harm, but again be aware of any flood warnings...My Peavey MX and Kustom 2x12 spent a weekend on the k i t c h e n table in 1996 when the creek a block away flooded, water was right across the street when it stopped rising...that's as close as I ever got to flooding, I'd sure hate to lose any of it though, not many 1967 Kustom cabinets around any more...

So I'd be really careful about watching the weather if I were in your position.
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If you are worrying, get a cheap amp for rehersals and keep the HRD at home. Use it for gigs.

I have my HRD in my parents' basement. Whenever I remember I switch on a dehumidifier though. the amp sits there for about 5 years. The only poblems with it are that from December I started to hear tube rattle and I blew 2 resistors last month. Apparently the resistor is a typical issue with those amps so I do not think that any real problems occured due to humidity. Also, the tube lasted more than enough.

Having said that, the cab has most of the screws rusted and other minor esthetic things that started to appear. I keep the amp on a stand and raised from the floor for 3 reasons:

Isolation from the ground to reduce direct transmission of humidity
If water floods the place, it allows me to remove the amp before damaging it
and placing it away from the wall and on metal feet to keep it away from TERMITES!