i liked it. there were a couple of parts where the lead lines didn't match the rhythm track very well almost like you stopped for a second to think about what you were playing. your overall playng was good and you didn't just blaze all over the place which i like.

nothing new from me but if you want to check link in my profile to hear some of my stuff feel free.
A little fast and loose for my tastes. In a live environment things being a bit loose is a bit more forgivable (some might argue) when the understanding is that there are no "abort & restart" opportunities while playing on stage with the whole band, but in a recorded setting it is hard to not comment on when someone lets a large set of notes that are out of place/time make it to final cut.

Not to take away from your chops, because you obviously know how to play really well. Just be a little more meticulous about timing and note placement with your recorded material.