Hello guys ! It's been a while again

Here is my latest composition, quite simple compared to what I usually do, still I like it, especially the end.
I tried to use a little bit of FL Studio and some VSTs to make it sound better, check it on my SoundCloud ! => https://soundcloud.com/jajaxnouf/escape-the-fate-midivst (guitars sound bad though)

Otherwise the gp5 file is attached.

Let me know what you think of it !
Compo 136.gp5
im going to be busy for a while, but ill check it out later tonight when im free (just wanted you to know that youve not been forgotten, old friend!)

in the meantime, can you check out my most recent post(s). preferably the acoustic one, but also the "prog metal WIP" if you have the time
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im back! pretty nice work here, man!

the orchestration was pretty good, but i feel like it didnt really build up much tension. it just kind of carried out (sorry if that last part doesnt make sense, im having a hard time finding the right words). i do really like the orchestral break though, especially that flute melody. i imagine evil little elves or fairies dancing around to it XD dont ask why, i just do. my only major issue with the orchestration is that it greatly overpowers the guitars (trying to listen to them for this crit was a but difficult in some places), but thats been a usual complaint of mine so maybe im just biased haha

as for the guitars:
i know you said this one was simpler, but i personally think the guitars are a little too simple in a lot of places. 25-28 and 39-43 could use some variation. the part on 71 has a lot of potential but isnt being fully utilized and could stand to be spiced up a little. now, for the good parts

the riff from 15-20 is pretty tasty. not too complex, not too simple (just maybe add a little variation the second time around). also, i really dig the part starting on 62, just not the first two measures.

all in all its not a bad piece, it could just use a bit more variation and tension