I''ve finished my first video in support of my new solo album LAWLESS LOCAL HEROES. This song is a tribute to Vincent van Gogh. If you make it through the intro, it will get more rocking
Here's the video:
Han - The starry night

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Take care
Lyrically, it definitely needs a bit more poetic "flare" to keep things engaging. The musical composition as a whole is pretty impressive though, I really enjoyed the wind instrument accenting the piece, the us of the horn section to emphasize the build up of intensity, and the overall drum work is great. The female vocalist has a beautiful and powerful voice, the male's performance in his higher registry is a bit strained sounding.

All in all, fantastic composition as a whole. Perhaps could be better without the video (sorry to be so blunt, it is just too cheesy to take seriously) and with better lyrical content.
Thanks for your comment! So it shows that this was the first video I've ever done
You can always close your eyes and listen to the music
Lyrics are always the most difficult part for me; I thought I did OK on this one, but I can see what you mean about the poetic thing.
I admire you putting yourself into your work, and you sharing it. Cheesy video or not, your humility in the things you know you can do better mixed with your obvious musical talent makes you an endearing person. Keep it up man, I can't wait to hear more from you. Keep pushing yourself and your boundaries and I will keep offering up whatever feedback I can, for as long as it is "valuable". Peace and love homez!