It seems like I enjoyed every song from them even cotton fields which isnt on the greatest hits. The only song I can say I like the least is probably run through the jungle, but its still pretty good. I also like some of John Fogertys solo stuff, he must of been a great song writer.
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Yes there were a few clunkers, just listen to the last album. For the most part they played so well together even mediocre songs sounded good. They were a band that just presented a performance rather than building a song track by track (Although John did most of the vocals himself including harmonies). They kept it mostly short and tight with a lot of energy and memorable hooks not just riffs. It was a formula that only failed them at the end of their career (last album "Mardi Gras"). Accounts vary, Stu and Doug insist John forced them to write and sing songs on that album while John says it was their insisting on equal time that caused the album to be so un-Creedence like. They upset the formula and in doing so destroyed the sound. Other than that last album I agree. John Fogarty is one of my all time favorite artists.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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Anything they recorded without John Fogerty, as Revisited. It just doesn't hold up to the greatness established as the Revival.
Agreed. I saw Creedence Revisited with Elliot Easton (The Cars) on guitar and it like watching a good bar band doing Creedence. Very lame and by the numbers. On the other hand I have seen John Fogarty three times now and it is an awesome experience (especially with Kenny Aronoff on drums). He doesn't sound tired or bored, he sounds great and full of energy.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.