In my moment of despair and a sense of unbelonging
I was faced with a realization that everything is the same
Nothing changes.
Even in the 1700's our ancestors and people we admire
For there "bravery" "honesty" and "integrity" even they
Had impure thoughts about a woman or man
And even they sinned.
We don't seam to understand that though because our textbooks fabricate and sum
Up what they did. They leave out there mistakes.

I hate pencils. Because they are for those who make mistakes.
But I need them, because I make mistakes. Just like you.

I was told this today. "mix it up more, do things out of order, throw in a couple of completely random activities, miss some stuff, just make your days different. don't just do the same thing over and over again. MAKE LIFE FUN, don't let it just tell you what to do, put a gun to it's head and make life your hostage as you parade it around and enjoy yourself. just find something that makes you laugh, the happier the better. free yourself from the rigour of repetition and throw order to the winds live spontaneously. try something new, leave your comfort zone. go and talk to a total stranger, confuse them as to why some random has just come up out of nowhere and is now talking to them about some completely random shit (this can be way more fun than you'd think). go somewhere you've never been before and just observe."

It wasn't exactly poetic, but it gave me a different outlook.
I can only hope for those of you who are reading felt it too.
really nice writing. the flow was very interesting as well as the content. Very well done.
If you do something right, no one will know you've done anything at all

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