Anyone know approximately what gauge of wire is used in seymour duncan and dimarzio pickups that have 5 wires including the bare wire? It's the first time I've actually had to buy 5 conductor wire and just want to make sure I get something that I can use.

I've taken many pickups apart so it's just finding what AWG of wire works.
I think 22 awg is the standard though I could be wrong. The main thing is to make sure its stranded. Solid core wire is much less resistant to bending and such, especially with something like a strat where the wires will move whenever you remove or replace the pickguard.
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I think it might be thinner, maybe 24 or 26. Make sure it's stranded.

(strangely, for the wiring harness, I actually prefer solid core! It's easier to deal with.)
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(strangely, for the wiring harness, I actually prefer solid core! It's easier to deal with.)

I can see that. You really only need to make sure that solid core wiring won't move.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
alright I think I'm going to go with 24AWG then.

these are two ideas I had.

I like the idea of double shielding as I can use the second bit of shielding as it looks conductive as my bare wire. Any thoughts or opinions on this?

if not I may go with this. It's a bit more money right away but I don't plan to just buy 1 foot. Any alternative places besides ebay of course let me know.

thanks for everyones input so far
The wire in the pickups is typically 42 AWG or 43 AWG

The wire coming off the pickups is smaller than 24AWG I think, but 24AWG should be just fine
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