Hey guys

Iv got a Marshall 2204 clone combo and was thinking of getting an MXR KFK (as it's cheaper) to help tweak my tone a bit more. But my amp has no FX loop unfortunately .

How much effect would it have with the EQ in front of the amp, as most of what Iv read recommended to have it in the loop for most effective adjustments.

I want to keep the basic tone of my amp as it is amd just boost it and tweak the sharp highs and fatten it up a bit.
I use the volume controls on my Les Paul for tone a lot too.
If it's just a slight tweaking it might work. Think of the way a tube screamer affects the tone of in front of a dirty amp; it'll probably be like that. Not as pronounced as an fx loop but noticeable enough,
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it will work fine for what you want to do. keep in mind that EQ pedals were around before fx loops and guys like Randy Rhodes used them as part of their pedal board. it will take some time to tinker with it and set the eq curve just right.
^ yeah it should be just fine up front.
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it can work well. [when my 10 band was still working] i would take a little bit of treble off of the top on my telecaster a long time ago when i had my egnater renegade, i just used it for the tele, i didn't need it with the LP.
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Got my KFK this morning. Only had a quick play but it's awesome so far.
Finally got my neck pickup to sound full and articulate rather than flabby and loose.

Can't wait till I figure out how to use it!!