I have an old MIJ Squier Strat, and the finish on it is in TERRIBLE shape. Can I sand off the current finish and redo it myself? Or will that harm the wood.
Taking finish off from a guitar and refinishing it won't harm the wood.

Sure you can do it yourself but are you familiar with woodworking and finishing stuff? Do you know how to prepare your guitar body for a refin etc...? If you're looking for actual good results, just spraying over the body with paint won't get you there.
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I wanted to strip off the paint and put on a nice clear coat over the body. Nothing fancy. Just wondered if it would damage the wood xD.
the only time I'd ever worry is if you were going to stain and restain a the finish like a quilted maple top. Veneers if we plan to re-stain a certain color is a gamble because we may sand through the veneer but lets assume it's a solid piece of alder or basswood go nuts.

but 80 grit sand paper and a lot of time and effort the only advice I can give is wear a mask or sanding outside to prevent breathing in any dust helps big time. I usually use gas masks myself.

some tips I did in high school before getting a sander
*cut up some 80 grit sand paper into useful pieces for sanding. I had the best luck with 3M sand paper.

*put about 10 or so layers of electric tape on the backs of the sand paper - it makes the sand paper last way longer and isn't as harmful on your hands. It's tedious like taping off frets prior to scalloping a fretboard but makes a big difference in how long the paper will last.

besides that take your time and wear gloves to prevent blisters.
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^ but you need to go progressively higher grits to help smooth out the rough areas from the 80/100 grit
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