I've recently purchased a Laney Ironheart Studio, due to the product demonstrations put together by Sam Bell and Fred Brum. I think the product looks and sounds exactly what I'm looking for.

I'm trying to use the USB I/O options for direct recording into my DAW (Cockos Reaper), unfortunately it's causing a USB overload error and not allowing my PC to boot. The Laney support guys state it should only draw 10mA from my PC and USB overload should only happen once there's power draw in excess of 500mA.

I've already tried using all of the USB ports and my PC is newly built by myself and the hardware should be more than compatible with the amplifier.

I'm currently looking at a USB interface to run the amplifier through (Tascam US600) in order to solve this issue, however I don't particularly want to spend the additional money if I don't have to as the instruction manual and various sources of information on the internet indicate that it should be 'plug and play'. Is there any advice you're able to give me surrounding this issue?

I also don't relish the prospect of sending it back to Anderton's to be checked out, simply because I can't really afford the postage right now.
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