Poll: What's the best Slayer album?
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Show No Mercy
5 11%
Haunting the Chapel
1 2%
Hell Awaits
6 13%
Reign in Blood
14 30%
South of Heaven
4 9%
Seasons in the Abyss
13 28%
Divine Intervention
1 2%
Undisputed Attitude
0 0%
Diabolus in Musica
1 2%
God Hates Us All
1 2%
Voters: 46.
Haunting the Chapel
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Hell Awaits
Show No Mercy
South of Heaven
Reign in Blood
Haunting the Chapel
Seasons in the Abyss
Hell Awaits is objective best hands down

Personal favorite is South of Heaven
I agree that Hell Awaits is objectively the best Slayer album.

...but for me, it's neck and neck with Diabolus In Musica. Come at me bro.
I think Tom has aged surprisingly well! Even when I saw them a couple of years ago, 2013 I think it was, they still had it.

They played "Altar of Sacrifice" into "Jesus Saves," and THAT was awesome.

Honestly I find the Reign in Blood album kind of boring now, but Jesus is a good track, kinda forgotten. That album definitely had its moments, especially live.

In studio I like South of Heaven the best. Probably the most branching out musically they ever did, although they got criticized for it I dig it.
Quote by Enteroctopus

In studio I like South of Heaven the best. Probably the most branching out musically they ever did, although they got criticized for it I dig it.

Apparently there was a lot of criticism back then (I wasn't around at the time), but it's regularly mentioned as a favourite today, so...
Show No Mercy
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1. Seasons in the Abyss
2. Reign in Blood

At least for me. "Seasons" is more dynamic and contains their best song ever -- "Seasons in the Abyss."

But Reign in Blood has a ferocity that still blows me away to this day.
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gahh i voted seasons in the abyss then forgot about south of heaven. if i could i would just have the top three and that would just be reign in blood, seasons in the abyss, and south of heaven in no particular order.
Show No Mercy, and really all three early albums have the best classics to hear live. I think those translate best to the live experience. "Die By the Sword," "Black Magic," "The Antichrist," that era/sound of Slayer is my favorite to hear at a show. Pre-Reign tunes. Nothing against Reign, but it's not quite as musically varied as the earlier work. More laser-focused and perhaps more mature lyrically. Some of the sickest lyrics ever written are on that record.

As records, though, I have to say SITA, SOH and RIB are the best if I am just going to rock a Slayer album at work or something. Production quality was higher at that point, solid songwriting, and each record brings a very different feel/sound. They're all different animals where the earlier and later works are a little more similar album-album...

Divine Intervention had too sterile of a sound. I hate that mid-90's-early 2000's kind of cold, clinical production, even though there are some GREAT songs on that record. DI and DIM both suffer from that clinical sterility.

GHUA and WPB were both better than anything since Seasons, though, imo. I particularly like "Payback" as that is the older Tom at his very best.

"Payback's a b*tch motherf*cker!!"

How can you go wrong with that?
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