Here are two songs that aren't quite finished. Everything on here is done by me (drums are digital of course). Please let me know what you think of any and everything about them:

The Cycle

Another Way
"The Cycle" - I think guitar is very good. Maybe you should try to do the vocals louder 'cause some guy (or it's you?) sings pretty good, there's nothing to be shy. You maybe need some more work on drums to make them sound more realistic.
I listened to Another Way.

I know this is a work in progress, but the mix made it very hard to listen to the track. Very muddy in the monitors and the vocals seemed really unclear and hard to listen to. The guitars aren't very big sounding and the drums sound almost entirely unprocessed, they aren't really smacking me like they should be.
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If you want, I can mix/master your tracks for free just so I can practice and who knows, maybe you'll love what you hear! Hit me up.
BV pinpoints the biggest issue with your two pieces - the drum tracks need some work so they punch through the mix better, and provide the solid listening foundation.

Your guitar work is phenomenal however. Excellent work on the solo in Another Way, gorgeous execution. Not a note that seemed out of place, and tone is fantastic.

Just square away those drums, and perhaps work on giving your vocal performance a little more "testicular fortitude" and boom bam you are in ****ing business man.

All in all, well done for a WiP. Can't wait to hear more