well i would have liked to record the other couple of stuff i was practicing (same stuff as before) but my fingers just die so fast from this bending haha.

if you want a seriously callous workout try this sort of thing.

so i am just posting this cool song i heard

sloppy but not to terrible. you have a ways to go but i applaud your efforts. have yet to hear you play any chords though.
I appreciate your enthusiasm but this isn't the place to blog - you can use your profile page to keep one though and I'm sure if you update it regularly people will keep an eye on it.

Feel free to continue to ask questions but you don't need to create threads just because you've uploaded a video .
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after cooling off a bit i tried again, here's air man played loosely (which is good lol)


edit sorry steven seagull didn't refresh before posting. understood

mono there's some sloppy chords from a week ago
but i haven't been interested in videoing them until i get the transitions smooth (i still have them in practice). and a few days ago here
but not interested in pursuing that right now. fyi cheers
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ok now personally i don't have a problem with you posting vids provided it goes with a technique ?. showing what you are doing is actually benificial. you need better camer angles though as we really can't see what you ae doing half the time.

dude i really think you are trying to bite off more than you can chew. learn the parts slowly and accept that being able to play anything even remotely well will take time. you seem to have some apptitide for playing so don't ruin it for yourself by pushing to hard and expectingto much to soon.
Keep at it, but are u learning chords?? That's what u need to learn frist,chord and chord changes, u are geting better.