The song I'm learning is "Learning to live by Dream Theater ", I'm learning John Petrucci's Guitar part, and I'm a bit stuck.

This is the bit I'm currently stuck on:

3:50 on the song link I posted

My current plan of attack is to listen to the part of the song alot as well as sing/tap it note for note when I'm away from a guitar, so that way I'll have a better understanding of the songs part.

I'm sure if I give an hour or so into the bit I'm stuck on, I'll have it nailed , but for future reference what's the best way to learn odd-meter songs?
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For music with odd time signatures I'd say your best bet is to play alone to the drum track or to a metronome.
Having the vocal and guitar backing tracks for progressive music like this can a lot the time put you in that typical 4/4 autopilot mode and you just end up using the guitars and vocals as your "guide". For people not so used to these odd time signatures this can really throw your timing off and you can get pretty lost. It's pretty difficult to go in to auto-pilot when playing Dream Theater :P
If you have just the metronome or drum track for this kind of piece you NEED to understand the time signature to play along.
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Understanding the time changes will definitely help but another thing that's good to do is to make sure you know the rhythm of what you're trying to play when you haven't got a guitar in your hand.

Put down the guitar, step away, and try doing something that will keep the rhythm like tapping on a desk or something. Do anything to make sure you have the exact rhythm in your head before you actually try and play it.
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