Hello again, everyone in Musician Talk! I'm a fan of Aaron Lewis' country music, and I've been trying to learn one of his newer tunes, "That Ain't Country". I can play it on the guitar and know most of the lyrics, except for one line...I've watched and listened to multiple Youtube videos of he and his backup band playing it live (since there's no studio recording yet), and the line sounds jumbled and incoherent each time...

This is the video that I used to learn the chords to the song:


The line comes at the end of the second verse:

"So tell me, whatever happened to the country songs
Full of truth and consequences or the things gone wrong?
Someone came and changed it up, made it all a lie
Like this ____________ and that ______, cause..."

The first part sounds like it has something to do with a beach, but other than that, I can't figure it out...Can anyone help?

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I tried looking at it... but an error occurred so it wouldn't let me view it here or anywhere else I'll keep trying, though!
It's at 3:39. offending line at 3:50.

I think it's:

Like a skiddlediddle pista on a than knew dai

But he might be trying to say:

Like a skittle on a pizza and a brand new tie.

Hope that helps.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
This one:
Could be:
like this pretty little beach, now I do thank you time

This one:
Could be:
like this pretty little beach we're rockin' ...thank you time
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