As soon as I read "blast beats" and saw the pastel colors on your album, I knew I was going to be knocked on my ass. I'm typing this from the floor.

I'm a bit inexperienced with this type of music...so correct me if I'm wrong...but isn't the guitar a bit lost in the mix, especially toward the beginning? Again, maybe it's just me not knowing how to listen to this sort of sound.

Loved 1:05-1:30, got some raw emotion there. Hell yeah. Loved the cacophony.
2:03 was awesome with the drums. Loved the automated sound effects that finish up certain measures.
I almost shat myself when this started. The energy levels are through the roof which makes for an interesting listen. The vocals are very well done indeed. The playing is also tight but the big gripe is the production. This may be intentionally mushy- I am not overly familiar with this type of this music. If it is not the intention then once this is tidied up it will sound great. It ought not to be overly done as its rawness is its charm but the guitars were lost at times.

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