hello guys

so to be honest i'm a guitarist , our band usually plays santana style

and my friend wants to buy an electric bass

he wants an electric bass with 4 chords and an amp with it

, and he wants to spend about 1200 bucks , so any suggestions ?

thank you guys
Is your friend an experienced bass player, or is this his first attempt at the instrument? If he's new, $1200 is a bit of money for the first timer. He could probably spend half to two-thirds of that and get decent gear.

At any rate, Schecter, Ibanez, Fender, Epiphone all make quality instruments for $600 or less. I played a Jazz and Precision bass at Guitar Center just the other day. Both were priced at $500 and played very nicely. The Ibanez SR basses seem to be very popular. Epiphone as a slew of Thunderbirds now, some of which are very nice. Schecter offers well-equipped entries from the C series, Omen, Stiletto, Riot...get him out and have him play a few to find out what he likes.

As for amps, there are new lightweight, budget-oriented options for Ampeg and GK. I like Peavey myself, but that's sort of an accident. Fender also makes decent bass amps for decent money.
Dude, I play bass. I don't get paid for anything past the 4th fret.
Just get the Epiphone Thunderbird Classic 4 Pro. It's a beast and is only 500 bucks. I also really like ESP/LTD basses
You can also get the old Fender Rumble 100, the black one, for like 120 bucks. It is a great amp and easily has enough power for a Santana style band.
Ive enjoyed every ibanez SR ive ever played. The higher the number (300, 400, 500 etc..) The better quality the instrument.

Will you be gigging? You want an amp thats loud enough relative to the rest of the band.

A sans amp is something he can look at in place of an amp if you guys have a PA system that is decent. Ampeg and GK are great brands for an amp though. I dont know much about specific models so i couldn't help you.

If you can, go to a music store and play around. ask questions etc...
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Select your Bass.

Ibanez has something for almost everyone who can stand their name. On Ebay you can find really decent BTB 4 and 5 strings.

Select either as SansAmp preamp pedal or an ancient Yamaha PB-1, then a used, powered, 2x12 and horn PA Speaker. Then you should be set.

I recommend this because you are not going to find a GBE600 and a NeoX 212 for $500-700.

Happy shopping.
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