so the only way to record through my vypyr (the old one, not the new vip vypyrs) is through microphone or through a headphones jack that says record out, i dont have a microphone and don't feel like wasting a lot of money on one. So i'm using a long aux cord to connect my amp to my laptop and from that i have my guitar plugged into the amp. The only problem is that mixcraft isn't detecting the vypyr, like its not even there. So when i go to the recording settings, it only gives me the option to record using the internal laptop microphone... can anyone help out on this?
You need to set the line in/mic input is set as the default recording device in your operating system, rather than the internal mic. If there's no alternative recording devices shown then you have a driver or hardware issue. I'm assuming you're running Windows, not OSX or Linux, so you'll need to set all this up via the Sound settings in Control Panel.
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most old vypyrs have usb record out and work as an interface. unless its the 15w.
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most old vypyrs have usb record out and work as an interface. unless its the 15w.

If you don't have this, you'll need an interface to connect to your laptop. For info, read the stickies as you were told in your other thread.
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