So I've got a Charvel legacy 3 with a top mounted floyd with wood screw studs that is driving me crazy!! I have tried everything I can think of to try and resolve the tuning instability, as it stands now its unplayable due to how bad the tuning instability is. This is not my first floyd, so set up is not an issue. The floyd is level, everything is on the trem is tight and oiled, the springs are broken in, ive swapped springs, tried different string gauges. The locking nut is locked down tight, and the clamps and the base have no grooves. I replaced the neck, as i thought it might be neck instability at first. No luck. I even tried blocking the floyd. No luck. The pitch of each string changes dramatically as the guitar is rotated. I realize that due to gravity this is true of all guitars, but this guitar fluctuates about a full step evenly across all strings.

Sorry for writing a novel, but the tone of this guitar kills and I would like to play it more often, but this issue is a deal breaker. Thanks for your help!
Most likely culprit is the knife edges being worn out.

Fortunately since you've got a top-mounted Floyd, blocking the bridge from falling backwards into the body is all you need to do to fix this. Once you've blocked the bridge from being pulled up by any amount, crank the springs in. Since the floyd is already blocked from falling backwards, this is of no consequence to the zero point of the bridge, all it'll do is make the bar stiffer.

Setting up the guitar like this will mean that even if the knife edges are worn out, the amount of spring tension pulling back on the Floyd will always return the bridge back to the position it was before, therefore keeping the guitar in tune assuming that there's nothing wrong with the locking nut.

Even if the Floyd itself shows no visual sign of wear, this is still worth trying because it works so well. And if it does solve your tuning issues, it'll explain what was causing them.

EDIT: I've read what you've posted more carefully and it suggests that you might've already tried this. In that case, is the locking nut mounted tightly to the neck? Are the neck screws attaching the body to the neck tight? Are the strings fully stretched in? Are the studs mounting the floyd to the body not allowing for any movement of the studs? If you've said yes to all of these questions and you're still having serious tuning problems even with the floyd being blocked, then I'm out of ideas. There isn't a whole lot else to go wrong with the guitar regarding the Floyd's tuning stability because by blocking the bridge, you're eliminating a lot of variables. The explanation as to what's causing your tuning problems isn't an obvious one.
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