Is it OK to stick your electric guitar under the shower while you wipe it down then dry it off with a dry cloth? I mean fully shower it down

Asking coz mine gets a bit dandruffy and oily and if I were to clean it I'd just stick it in the shower
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It's not the best idea. Simply because it's wood and therefore there's a high probability of warping if water can get past the sealant. Not to mention the electronics.
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After showering be sure to moisturize.

Soaking the guitar in a tub of motor oil is good. See your owners manual for recommended oil grade and changing interval.

If available use a quality synthetic motor oil. Be sure to change the guitar oil filter. You can't go wrong with OEM parts.
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No. This is a terrible idea. Wood is what is called a hygroscopic material, this means it absorbs water from the air around it, and will also dry out in drier climates. So if you put it in the shower there is an incredibly high chance that it will absorb water, expand as it does so, and become damaged; either by parts warping or by parts becoming wet and losing the strength they need to handle the tension of the strings. There are also the electronics to think about, where they could become wet, not dry out properly before you use it again, and short out, frying some part of the workings of the pickups.

If you want to clean your guitar then do it properly, read this: http://www.premierguitar.com/articles/19960-guitar-shop-101-safe-ways-to-clean-your-guitars-finish and take note of what it says about finishes and such. Don't just go spraying your guitar with whatever is close to hand and don't just dunk it in water.
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