let this represent the difference between ignorance and innocence.
that as adults we should understand the difference.
should we teach our children concepts and rules they are not prepared to
or ruin the small gateway to a future that was birthed from our mind's ovaries.
do not mistake my preaching as a way to mute
the newly carved youth, but as a way to
glance into locked boxes and sample
both viewpoints
I'm not saying to not teach history and its opinions.
i am asking to tell the truth.
what has been lost through generations from
view points such as this?
how about instead of lecturing about why battles were caused,
we also find solutions so they never
and we will stay to to our word.
can we uncorrupt the next generation?
by toiling and soling the fertile womb
plowing the fields of out ancestry
plant a seed into the earth and watch our
life source began to grow and sprout
till the fruits of our labor become so ripe
when you break the skin with ragged teeth
juice drips down the chin.

that fruit will never be tangible. it has been asked
for for thousands of years, but apparently it is an impossible task.
Wonderful work magnumopus. Yes, you have simply portrayed the needs to teach the present generation about the innocence and ignorance.
I like this. I read it in my head like it was a rap and has a good flow to it, though, it is a bit wordy in some spots and I feel like you over wrote it. 7/10
If you do something right, no one will know you've done anything at all

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