Awesomely meaty metal here, a truly mighty sound. The mix is unusually bass heavy, but I like it, and I think that it works. The guitar spits and flicks fire. The drums could do with being slightly more present in the mix, but they do their job well, driving the song solidly and steadily. Great harmonies, they almost have a folky edge, or in this context a kind of psychofolk sound.
Monster riffs of post - Hendrix magnitude drive this deftly arranged, snappy song, that combines the best elements of metal, grunge, and pop. Lots of edgy attitude in the singing, executed with plenty of range and power. A fine mixture of polished slickness and earthy rawness give this piece broad appeal. And a super dexterous lead guitar too.

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Very cool song. The vocals are very well done- reminds me a lot of Alice of Chains! The guitars parts are great and fit the song well. They could use tidying up in places- it sounded like there were a couple of slippages when the distorted guitar kicked in in the intro. The tone could also use a bit of smoothing out but I wouldn't over do it as the rawness of the guitar works. The solo is excellent. The standout for me though is the vocal melodies. I can imagine that chorus at a music festival! Great stuff!

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