Alright guys, so I play punk/ska/reggae and I'm going to start jamming with a couple friends. I have a squier classic vibe telecaster and I'm not getting the punk aspect I want and the reggae tone doesn't sound like what I'm looking for. Great guitar but it's just a matter of preference. I'm looking to buy a Fender Starcaster ($100 or less) or a Squier bullet ($129). As far as quality I can't decide. I know squier is very looked down on for a frontman but then I'm thinking that the starcaster is a matter of "you get what you pay for" I'm asking this just because the squier bullet is in most shops but guitar center has to order the starcaster to the shop. I definitely will play before I buy but what do you guys think? Thanks
Squier makes some great guitars, the Bullet isn't one of them. Its a cheap low end student guitar.

If you are looking to play a mix of punk, ska and reggae, the Squier Classic Vibe Tele will do all of those. Joe Strummer of The Clash used a Tele exclusively. The Clash played a wide variety of musical styles in addition to punk, often combining Reggae and Punk. I have a Squier Classic Vibe Thinline Tele and play it more than my American Standard Tele!

A new guitar is not going to fix your tone. You already have what I consider to be the best Squier Telecaster money can buy. Just do some research on the sound you are looking for. You might b better served by changing your amp or adding a few pedals.
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Hey man, great answer. I've came to that realization many times but I guess the whole "strats are for punk" delusion got to me. I'm using a real shitty amp and I've been saving up for pedals. peace